Age is just a number, right?

So to continue my adventure on the AARP mailing list I have been thinking this week that I just don’t “think” I am 55. I was reading a poster in the waiting room of a doctors office and it was encouraging “older people” to get their flu injections because people aged 55 and above are more likely to develop complications that could lead to death. Then it hit me….I am in that age group! That is so ridiculous….I was just a teenager yesterday! Seriously, on a daily basis I think I should still be in the thirties, at the most 40. This especially hits me when I am with my grandson Reid, he looks so much like Matt it reminds me of those days when he was a toddler. Don’t get me wrong, I love being a Gigi and wouldn’t change it for the world but I do not like being considered a “senior citizen” at all! Just think ladies how much effort we put into looking younger, covering up our gray and if you are like me putting enough product on my face at night to moisturize 15 younger women! Do we really need to try so hard? Are we afraid to accept reality or do we fear being judged by our peers? Is our happiness and self esteem so tied to our looks that we would feel bad about ourselves if we showed some gray and our wrinkles? If I am going to be honest I am going to have to answer yes for myself. when I was unemployed on the days I didn’t do my hair and makeup I was more blue than the days I did my hair and makeup. So I guess I am that shallow, but not shallow enough to be skinny also. (the world couldn’t handle THAT much sexy). So I guess I will keep fighting Father Time as long as I can and just keep on keeping on!


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